June 12, 2018 CC Meeting Minutes


June 12th, 2018

7:30 to 9:00 AM, HMEB Room 128

Videoconference to Deal Boardroom





Attendance: Fantone, Novak, Aris, Hagen, Hatch, Rubin, Zumberg, Diachun, Hipp, Collins, Cooper, Gabe Daniels, Genuardi, Gorske, Kuntz, Lynch, Norton, Ryan, Vidaurreta, Multak


Recording: Robyn Screws


Begin 7:30 am


  1. Updates:
    1. Novak updated the Committee on the status of the concerns brought up in May’s meeting regarding the placement of Preceptorship. Course Directors did not give any quizzes over Memorial Day weekend to provide students a small break in the curriculum. For next year, the Preceptorship will be in between Respiratory and Renal courses instead of at the end.
    2. Novak noted that we do have STEP 1 scores in and Dr. Cooper will give an update to the committee during the August meeting.
    3. Aris updated the committee on the first year med students. They have finished the curriculum for the first year and CBSE scores are in and being evaluated. The rising MS3 students have requested to a debriefing to discuss their entire Phase 1 experience at the end of the week, in order to make the data available to the Course Directors before the start of the next year.
    4. Motion made to approve the May meeting minutes, motion seconded, approved unanimously.
    5. Hatch updated the committee on Phase 2. The use of student notes being accepted as medical notes is still a hopeful focus, which leads to the issue of creating expectations for the standard of the notes. Dr. Hatch mentioned that the Clerkships will start on January 7th this upcoming year because of the way the calendar works out. Discussion was held regarding activities or trainings to hold on January 2nd and 3rd.


  1. Hagen presented on the findings of the Professional Remediation Task Force. Professionalism patterns can begin in the beginning of medical school and follow through to rotations and beyond. Dr. Hagen introduced the proposed reporting form, which would work similarly to the Student Mistreatment Report currently housed on the Student Portal. The goal of the reporting tool is to identify unprofessional behavior as early as possible and coach students on what is professional. Dr. Novak opened the floor to discussion. Motion was made to approve the Student Professionalism Lapse Report, motion seconded, approved unanimously.
  2. Cooper presented the report from the Program Evaluation Committee for the Phase 1 – year 1 – semester 1 review. The information comes from end of course debriefings, evaluations, and grades for the Phase 1 courses. Courses addressed in the presentation were Genetics and Health, Intro to Clinical Medicine I, Foundations of Medicine, Nutrition and Health, and Research & Discovery Foundations in Medicine. Discussion was held addressing ways to implement more rigorous exams into the Phase 1 courses to better prepare students for Step exams.


End 9:00 am