The Society of Teaching Scholars

The Society of Teaching Scholars honors and fosters teaching and educational scholarship at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Society of Teaching Scholars

2020 New Inductees

Carol Diachun, MD, Ryan Nall, MD, and Lauren Solberg, JD

STS 2020


Teaching scholars are asked to mentor junior faculty on teaching improvement and serve in an advisory capacity to the Faculty Development Committee and COMEC (College of Medicine Education Center). The Society also sponsors the annual “Medical Education Week” that features lectures and workshops on relevant educational topics. Current members of the Society are responsible for selecting new members based on nominations and a teaching portfolio.

Objectives of the Society

  • To provide a forum to recognize and reward College of Medicine faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and commitment to the formation of physicians and scientists.
  • To provide an incentive for the faculty member’s professional development as an educational scholar and role model.
  • To identify a cadre of recognized experts to advise the College of Medicine on ways to enhance its educational mission, as well as to serve as mentors/role models to junior faculty, residents, and students.
  • To demonstrate the College of Medicine’s commitment to high quality teaching and learning, plus continuous quality improvement process of the educational program.

By-Laws of the Society


Erik Black, PhD.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Education
Chair, UF Society of Teaching Scholars

Renata Dolbier
Academic Assistant I

Medical Education Week
Coming March 2021

Each year, a week’s schedule of events is planned and implemented by the Society of Teaching Scholars in collaboration with the Office of Educational Affairs to recognize and nurture the education programs at the College of Medicine

Nomination Letter Selection Criteria

Society of Teaching Scholars RE: Nomination and Selection of New Scholars for 2019-2020

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Portfolio for Applicants to the Society of Teaching Scholars

Each year the STS invites new members to join the Society and help support this mission. Nominees to the STS are asked to prepare an Education Portfolio similar to that used for promotion and tenure, in which they illustrate and emphasize their unique strengths and contributions.

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Lifetime Achievement Award Hippocratic Award Recipients Sustained Excellence in Medical Education Award

Duff - Lifetime Achievement


Teaching Scholars

Get to know the Society Teaching Scholars members.

Erik Black

2019 Celebration of Excellence Reception

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