Student Resources

Diversity and Health Equity

Programs and assistance within the Office for Diversity and Health Equity (formerly known as the Office for Minority Affairs).

Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee (SAC) is comprised of College of Medicine faculty and student representatives elected annually by their respective classes. The committee’s goal is to represent student-related concerns to the COM administration.

Student Affairs and Registration

Basic Science, Clerkship and Elective Registration, Academic Records, Residency Match, Orientations and other events.

Student Counseling and Development

Short-term personal counseling and workshops on the topics of stress management, sexual harassment, medical specialty decision-making, and residency application and interviewing.

Student Wellness

The Wellness Programs support the well-being of our trainees in order to promote optimal performance and professional fulfillment.

Policies and Guidelines

Disclaimer: The images on this page were taken prior to the national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing.