Vision Statement

The University of Florida College of Medicine medical education program will be a model for the
development of physicians, scientists, and scholars of the highest quality to improve the health of the
people of Florida, the nation and the world.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate future physicians, scientists, and scholars to provide the highest quality patient care and service to society.  We will develop innovative and compassionate leaders in clinical care, research, education, and healthcare policy reflecting the people of the state of Florida. Our educational programs will promote an environment where all patients and members of the community are treated with respect and dignity. Our graduates will champion the highest professional standards, continue to learn in a reflective and self-directed manner, and serve the needs of their patients within the local and wider community.

Educational Program Values

The UFCOM strives to create a patient centered community of learners from a variety of lived experiences who learn from each other and embrace growth throughout their medical education. We value: Excellence, Trust, Accountability, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Humanism and Empathy in or educational program and care of all patients.


LCME Institutional Self-Study

There are 12 LCME accreditation standards, each with an accompanying set of elements. One accreditation standard and two accreditation elements directly relate to medical student services: