HSS Intensive Day

Domain I 8:25 am

Working Together Effectively

Introduction to Domain I Working Together Effectively with Dr. Nila Radhakrishnan and Dr. Laura Guyer, Domain 1 – Case Presentation

Domain II 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

Using Information Effectively

Dr. Anita Rajasekhar

  • 1 pm EBM Lecture 1: Intro to EBM and HSS Domain II Roadmap (HSS Intensive)
  • 2 pm EBM Lecture 2: Study Designs – Observational students and RCTs (HSS Intensive)
  • 3 pm EMB Lecture 3: Applying Study Design to Answer Clinical Research Questions (HSS Intensive)

Domain III: 10:05 am

Understanding Our Communities

Dr. Deepa Danan and Dr. Laura Guyer

  • Domain 3 Understanding Our Communities
  • Domain 3 Social Determinants of Health
  • Domain III Case Presentation

Domain IV: 4:05 pm

Improving Patient Care

Introduction to Domain 4 – Improving Care with Dr. Holland and Dr. Lossius