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What is Health Systems Science (HSS)? 

HSS is the educational pillar designed to prepare you for the complexities of our health system while understanding the challenges patients face as they navigate health systems.  HSS teaches the principles of care delivery, care improvement and community engagement to equip you with the tools you need to be responsible and effective physicians as well as leaders in healthcare.

Why is Health Systems Science so important? 

The goal of every physician is provide the best possible care and maximize the best possible outcomes for patients.  To accomplish these goals physicians not only need to understand the basic and clinical sciences, we must also master the science of healthcare delivery which translates diagnosis and treatment into practical and effective management strategies that provide our patients and communities the best opportunity to thrive.

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HSS Intensive Day!

HSS Intensive Day – August 8, 2022

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The HSS Intensive day is designed to give first year medical students a preview of how HSS material is incorporated into a variety of Phase 1 courses. You can view the schedule and watch the recorded lectures at the link below from our 2022 Intensive Day.