Year in Review

Here you can find an overview of what issues the committee has discussed and what sort of resolutions were addressed.


2019 – 2020



Short Summary for each program

2018 – 2019


  1. Parking
  2. Food trucks
  3. Prayer room
  4. Nursing rooms
  5. Internet access in HMEB
  6. Professionalism issues
  7. New Diversity role


  1. New parking structure planned, RTS expanded routes, Student adjust schedules
  2. Follow-up resulted – not permitted
  3. 5th floor of HMEB
  4. 1st floor of HMEB
  5. Servers updated, issues resolved
  6. Report on website
  7. Implemented Diversity chair for 1st and 2nd YR classes

Short Summary for each program

Biomedical Science

Students were concerned there was no formal tutoring resources available ; this is being worked on. Setting up mentors for the 1st YR's small groups was very helpful. Initially, some student were struggling with professionalism, but it seems to have been resolved. Student leaders questioned about getting some sort of suicide prevention training. Dr. Dede is working with them. When faced with PhD mentor concerns, they were directed to reach out to administration.

MD-PhD Program

Early in the year, students were uncertain where/how to pay fees. They were directed to MyUFL – One.UF. They set in place an events committee to help establish unity. Mid semester a change in leadership brought some anxiety among the students. Communication with the new leadership helped to calm the concerns. They set up a Medical Science Training Program Student Council and had their first meeting. Students are interested in having a handbook with a combination of COM and Clinical practicum that references Policy and Procedures. Students ended the year optimistic and looking forward to rotations.

4th YR Medical Students

The 4th YR class began the fall busy with applications and scheduling Step 2. Students requested a timeline to help with staying on track. Dr. Collins reached out to Dr. Duff. Student's wrote a proposal to the curriculum committee regarding the attendance policy for interviews. Student felt there was a lack of specific Sub I for specialties,Skit night was cancelled due to poor taste and some student were upset. Match Day was held at the O'Connell Center, students were overwhelmed by the number in attendance. Alumni Affairs provided refreshments rather than a meal and kept it simple. This seem to work well.

3rd YR Medical Students

Students inquired about where is a "safe place" to speak their minds. CLG and well rounds are safe places; however, boundaries centered around behavior need to be in place. Students felt the grading policy was too harsh and they didn't know where the fall.

2nd YR Medical Students

Students appreciated the email regarding expenses. Financial Aid disbursements were causing students to seek short term loans and emergency funds. A group session with Jim Gorske was set up to help with anxiety and stress. Students expressed needing a better lead time for MBMS exam. Students set up a coffee coalition. Student inquired about how to deliver CLG leader feedback, topic discussed and representative communicated to class.

1st YR Medical Students

Early int eh second semester the students we concerned about the long semester ahead. To mentally prepare, some suggestions were brought up. Some were: to reach out to counseling, plan social events, and do small things; such as coffee and snacks for study time.

1st YR PA Program

Early fall semester the students linked up with Medical Student running club. They initiated "Grateful Gator" and pass around a plush gator to those who help make someone's life better. Students expressed tutors are a limited resource and the issue was resolved by forming small study groups. Mid-year the PA program had a change in leadership which resulted in feelings of tension withing the class, mistrust between students and faculty. The program meet with the Dean to resolve these concerns. Students also expressed the attendance policy is inconsistent, Dr. Collins will follow up with the dean.