Year 1 – Phase 1

The following courses constitute the preclinical component of the curriculum for the M.D. degree and are required for medical students during the second year. Some of the courses are available to graduate students in the university, but the number of students who can be accepted is limited by laboratory facilities, and enrollment requires the written approval of the course director.

Required Courses and Clerkships
Foundations of Medical Practice: Phase 1 (Integrated organ-system module courses)

• Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1
• Genetics and Health
• Research and Discovery
• Foundations of Medicine
• Nutrition Intensive
• Introduction to Clinical Practice 1A
• Health Outcomes and Policy
• Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
• Fundamentals of Microbiology and Immunology
• Population Health
• Introduction to Cancer Biology and Clinical Oncology
• Respiratory Systems
• Cardiovascular Systems
• Introduction to Clinical Practice 1B
• The Kidney and Urinary Tract