November 13, 2018 CC Meeting Minutes


November 13th, 2018

7:30 to 9:00 AM, HMEB Room 128

Videoconference to Deal Boardroom


Attendance: Novak, Aris, Maldonado, Hagen, Hatch, Beal, Zaidi, Zumberg, Diachun, Alissa, Collins, Cooper, Fantone, Gorske, Davis, Norton, O’Neill, Vidaurreta


Recording: Robyn Screws


Dr. Novak called to order 7:30 am


  1. Updates:


  • Motion made to approve the October minutes, motion seconded, approved unanimously.
  • Aris informed the committee that Phase 1 is going smoothly, working to identify at risk students to help them earlier on in the curriculum.
  • Novak and Dr. Hatch gave the committee an update on Phase 2. Things are going well, the main focus is still getting Clerkship Directors to implement EPA’s.
  • Zaidi noted that the EPA committee is still working on consensus building in Phase 1. Those who were at the AAMC meeting noted they were piloting longitudinal EPA tracking.
  • Novak presented a Step 1 update that included the National data in comparison to UF.


  1. LCME Update
  • Novak presented the most recent update for the LCME. Dr. Novak presented both the progresses and areas of concern for the LCME.


  1. New 4th Year Elective: Medical Hematology Oncology
  • Genuardi presented the proposed 4th year elective on Hematology Oncology in Jacksonville. Motion made to approve the proposed elective, seconded, approved unanimously.


  1. Pain and Addiction Medicine in the Medical Curriculum
  • Novak presented the information from the Council of Florida Medical School Deans regarding pain and addiction medicine. Dr. Novak also provided a brief overview of how UF covers pain and addiction in the curriculum including student visits to the Florida Recovery Center.


  1. Article: The Power of Subjectivity in the Assessment of Medical Trainees
  • Novak briefly summarized the article and recommended the committee members should read the article as well.


End: 8:10 am



Next Meeting December 11, 2018, 7:30-9:00 am

HMEB Rm 128, Dean’s Conference Room with videoconference to Jacksonville Deal Boardroom