May 14, 2019 CC Meeting Minutes


7:30 to 9:00 AM, HMEB Room 128

Videoconference to Deal Boardroom


Attendance: Maureen Novak, MD (Chair); John Aris, PhD; Robert Hatch, MD; Stacy Beal, MD; Paul Gulig, PhD; Peter Sayeski PhD; Marc Zumberg, MD; Shelley Collins, MD; Joseph Fantone, MD; Nina Multak, PhD, MPAS, PA-C; Beverly Dede, PhD; Mary Patterson, MD , M.Ed.; James Davis MS1; Carol Diachun, MD,VC-Jax; Gretchen Kuntz MSW, MLIS VC-Jax;  Mr. Jim Gorske; Ms. Hannah Norton, MS; Alissa Rana MD, VC-Jax


Recording: Aisha Miller


Dr. Novak called meeting to order at 7:33 am.


Motion made to approve April minutes seconded, and unanimously approved.


  1. Updates:

Phase 1:

  1. First Year students are currently in the Kidney and Urinary Tract course.
  2. Preceptorship went well.

Phase 2:

  1. EPA follow-up: Clerkship directors discussed added utility of EPAs

versus using the EPAs to improve the curriculum. EPA discussion tabled for June meeting after next CD meeting and review.

  1. Shelf Exam: If students fail the shelf exam the CD committee moved to not requiring a passing score on shelf exams however; students will still have to take the exam, but will not have to re-take the exam again if fail. Shelf will continue to be part of the medical knowledge competency.
  2. MSPE: Motion made to have language altered in the MSPE

for the option to remove the shelf exam scoring, seconded, and approved.


  1. 2. New Discovery Tack: Motion made to approve the Business and Innovation Medicine Discovery Track, seconded, and approved.


  1. 3. Neurology and Geriatrics Clerkship Transition: Dr. Novak led a continued discussion of Geriatrics moving to reside within the Family Medicine course from 4th year and having Neurology as a required 4th year cler Motion made per discussion to move the process of Neurology to Geriatrics 4th year, seconded, and approved.


  1. 4. Class 2019 curriculum review: Presentation made by Dr. Novak regarding preparation for Step exa The following is a list of topics:

Learning Specialist

Presentations and support by OSA and Dr. Dede

Review sessions –student led/ Mr. Gorske organized

Integration of step type questions into learning sessions (Phase 1) Timed MCQ after every course

Improved step 1 style questions (new lead: Dr. Hagen)


Neuroscience Shelf

CBSE year 1 and year 2

Clerkship shelf exams (phase 2-3) CSEs (step 2 CS)

Dr. Stalvey’s course for at risk 4th year students

Dr. Novak requested a list of resources for all students.


  1. USMLE Policy Proposal: Motion made to approve changes to USMLE Policy to read: Any student who does not pass the USMLE Step 1 within one year of the end of the Phase 1 (pre-clerkship) curriculum will be reviewed by the Academic Status Committee, seconded, and approved.


  1. Transgender Elective Proposal: Motion made to approve Transgender Elective

Proposal as a 4th year elective, seconded, and approved.


  1. Journal Club:

Due to time, the two articles were not discussed individually. Members are encouraged to read the articles for faculty development.

  1. Beyond the United States Medical Licensing
  2. Dynamic Measurement in Health Profession


Meeting adjourned at 9:01 am.


Next Meeting: June 11, 2019, 7:30-9:00 am

HMEB Rm 128, Dean’s Conference Room with videoconference to Jacksonville Deal Boardroom