March 14, 2017 CC Meeting Minutes

March 14th, 2017
7:30 to 9:00 am

 HMEB Room 128, Videoconference to Jacksonville Deal Boardroom


Member Attendees: Joseph Fantone, Maureen Novak, Melanie Hagen, Heather Harrell, Robert Hatch, Kyle Rarey, Tom Rowe, Daniel Rubin, Peter Sayeski, Marc Zumberg, Jennifer Hipp, Lou Ann Cooper, Tim Garren, Frank Genuardi, James Lynch, Wayne Dell, Hannah Norton, Ralph Rice, Matthew Ryan, Beverly Vidaurreta, Zareen Zaidi


Recording: Robyn Screws

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Novak at 7:30 am.



  • Novak announced that Dr. Hagen will be taking over as the Chair for the Academic Status Committee, Dr. Sayeski will be taking on the newly created position of Phase 1 Curriculum Director, and Dr. Heather Harrell will be taking over the role of leading the Collaborative Learning Groups.
  • Sayeski provided an updat1e from the Course Directors Committee including the new resource site on Canvas for Course Directors created by Tim Garren. It gives the Course Directors one place to go where they can access resources, minutes, and instructional documents related to Canvas and courses.
  • Hatch


A motion was made and seconded, to approve the minutes from the February 14, 2017, meeting. The committee members unanimously approved the minutes as presented.


Pain and Addiction Outline (Attachment)

  • Novak presented the outline as an informational item in which she asked the courses and clerkships to gather what they taught towards Pain and Addiction, and then compiled an outline of the material.

IPE and COM Synergy


  • Blue presented on Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and the Putting Families First student experience. A small group of students from across the health sciences, participate in four home visits to a local family, as well as complete a health improvement project for family, in their first year. These student groups participate in six small group sessions with their IP faculty team to ensure course objectives met and students are working together as a team to make sure their family is getting the best care from the group. In the second year there are three team-based learning sessions, i.e. the clinical focus for 2016-17 has been on HIV/AIDS. Dr. Blue concluded by presenting the next focus for IPE efforts, mainly learner assessment, and opening discussion up to the committee.


Population Health Course


  • Cathy Striley presented the syllabus for the proposed new Population Health Course. Discussion was held regarding the addition and timing of the proposed new course. Dr. Novak requested the committee look over the proposed document prior to the next meeting, when the committee will vote to either approve or not approve the new course.


Fourth Year Elective Design Thinking


  • Novak presented the proposed new fourth year elective on Design Thinking. Dr. Harrell moved to approve the new elective, motion seconded, approved unanimously.


Health Outcome and Policy Tract


  • Novak brought the Health Outcome and Policy Tract to the table, Dr. Harrell moved to approve the tract, motion seconded, approved unanimously.


Review of Performance Data


  • Cooper briefly presented an introduction of the most current data from NBME including data from the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018 and CBSE scores for the class of 2019. Dr. Novak noted that more of data will be presented at a future meeting for discussion.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 am.


Next Meeting:  April 11, 2017, 7:30-9:00 am, HMEB Room 128 (Deans Conference Room), videoconference to Jacksonville Deal Boardroom.