January 8, 2019 CC Meeting Minutes


January 8, 2019

7:30 to 9:00 AM, HMEB Room 128

Videoconference to Deal Boardroom


Attendance: Novak, Fantone, Aris, Daniels, Diachun, Hagen, Hatch, Gulig, Sayeski, Zaidi, Zumberg, Alissa, Collins, Cooper, Gorske, James Davis, Lynch, Multak, Norton, Ryan, Vidaurreta


Recording: Robyn Screws


Dr. Novak called to order 7:33 am


  1. Updates:


  • Motion made to approve the December minutes, motion seconded, approved unanimously.
  • Aris presented an update from the Phase 1 curriculum. Everything seems to be going smoothly, first years are in their Health Outcomes Intensive and second years are already talking about STEP 1.
  • Hatch provided a summary of the Phase 2 SWOT analysis. Next step actions include use of student notes as official documentation and addressing educational versus clinical activity to enhance student experiences. Dr. Novak opened the floor to discussion regarding faculty training, assessments, and feedback.


  1. New Jacksonville Electives: Ophthalmology and GI
  • Novak presented two proposed new fourth year electives. Motion made to approve the electives under the condition that clearly defined goals, objectives and assessments are provided, which was seconded and approved by eight approval votes with one opposed.


  1. Medical Ethics Discovery Track
  • Novak presented the proposed Discovery Track. Motion made to approve the proposed elective, seconded, approved.


  1. Consensual Relationships Policy
  • Novak presented the proposed Consensual Relationships Policy. After discussion, the Committee suggested that Dr. Vidaurreta and Dr. Collins both work with UF’s Title IX Office and revisit the policy in March.


  1. LCME Highlights
  • Novak discussed the results on a SWOT report for LCME highlights.


  1. Match Day Changes
  • Gabe Daniels (MS4) updated the committee on the changes happening for Match Day this year. The event will be held in the O’Connell Center this year and the students have chosen to not have catering.



End: 8:54 am



Next Meeting March 12, 2019, 7:30-9:00 am

HMEB Rm 128, Dean’s Conference Room with videoconference to Jacksonville Deal Boardroom