February 13, 2018 CC Meeting Minutes


February 13, 2018

7:30 to 9:00 AM, HMEB Room 128

Videoconference to Deal Boardroom




Attendance: Joseph Fantone, Maureen Novak, John Aris, Victoria Bird, Melanie Hagen, Robert Hatch, Zareen Zaidi, Marc Zumberg, Lou Ann Cooper, Frank Genuardi, Jim Gorske, Gretchen Kuntz, Michelle Jacobs-Elliot, James Lynch, Nina Multak, Beverly Vidaurreta, Matthew Ryan, Hannah Norton


Recording: Kathy Green & Robyn Screws


 Called to order by Dr. Novak at 7:30am


  1. Policy Clarifications
    • Novak noted that the documents below received wording edits to provide clarity for previously voted on and approved changes to the policy.
      1. Curriculum Committee Membership
      2. Grade Grievance Process
  • Policies for Unsatisfactory Performance and/or Unprofessional Behavior
  1. Appeals Process


  1. Fitness for Duty (Novak)
    • Novak noted that the Fitness for Duty document went through the Disability Resource Center as well as the College of Medicine lawyers for their approval. Dr. Novak asked committee members to please review the document and submit any comments or concerns directly to her.


  1. Technical Standards (Novak)
    • Novak presented on the status of the Technical Standards document and asked that the committee please review the documents for any concerns or comments and send them directly to her.


  1. DRC Liaison (Novak and Gorske)
    • Jim Gorske informed the committee that the DRC has gone back to having one representative point of contact for College of Medicine students who register with the DRC.


  1. Step 1 Scores (Cooper)
    • Cooper presented a graph comparing the Step 1 scores for the classes of 2016-2019. The scores have improved since last year with no scores hitting on the far left of the bell curve for the current class. Current MS1 and MS2’s will all take the BSE this year, some MS2’s will be taking the BSE for a second time.


  1. Updates:


  • Timeliness of Grades (Cooper)
    1. Dr. Cooper updated the Committee on how the Clerkships and the Office of Medical Education are doing to meet the requirements for the timeliness of grades.
  • EPA (Zaidi)
    1. Dr. Zaidi provided an update from the EPA Committee that they are progressing to identify multiple data points over the entire four years by working first with the Clerkship Directors Committee to identify possible ways of implementing measurement student entrustability.
  • Phase 2 (Hatch)
    1. Dr. Hatch provided an update from the Clerkship Directors Committee. Their current focuses are on the upcoming retreat, student mistreatment, and EPA’s.
  • Phase 1 (Aris)
    1. Dr. Aris provided an update from Phase 1 Course Directors. The current focuses for the Course Directors are student mistreatment, diversity for minority teaching, and the learning environment.
  • Motion made to approve the January minutes, seconded, approved unanimously.


  1. Global Health 2 Elective Course (Novak for Devos)
    • Novak presented the proposed new fourth year elective for Global Health 2. Motion made to approve the presented elective, seconded, approved unanimously.



Adjourned 8:04 am  




Next Meeting: March 13th, 2017, 7:30-9:00 am

HMEB Rm 128, Dean’s Conference Room with videoconference to Jacksonville Borland Library.