Curriculum Committee Meeting September 12, 2023

Attendance: Heather Harrell (Chair), Abdel Alli, Anita Rajasekhar, Bob Seifert, Christopher Robinson, Jason Fromm, Melanie Hagen, Norman Beatty, Reetu Grewal, Ryan Nall, Velyn Wu, Angela Arata, Ashleigh Wright, Austin Edwards, Beverly Dede, Carolyn Stalvey, Chris Giordano, Colleen Kalynych, Elisa Sottile, Frank Genuardi, Hannah Norton, Jennifer Hamilton, Jim Gorske, Joseph Fantone, Julia Close, Kathy Green, Paulette Hahn, Phuong Huynh, Shelley Collins. Guests:
Recording: Sandi Reveille

Dr. Harrell called the meeting to order at 7:31am.

1.       Welcome to Jason Fromm, Faculty Council representative (replacing Meredith Thompson) and Austin Edwards, MS1 Class President

2.       A motion was made to approve the consent agenda, seconded, and approved.

  1. Vote required
  2. Appeals Process LCME Element 9.9
    • LCME survey team recommended addition of an appeals committee to the appeals process so students contesting lack of advancement/repeat course/delayed graduation recommended by the ASC would have their appeal heard by a body different from the ASC. The appeals process policy was updated to reflect this change.
  3. USMLE/CSE Examination Policy
    • USMLE Step 1 – The prediction model continues to be refined and the DPESA recommended a change to the initial CBSE score students must meet to be allowed to sit for Step 1. Any student who does not achieve a score on the initial CBSE that corresponds to >50% chance of passing Step 1 must retake the CBSE (or CBSSA) and achieve a score that corresponds to the minimum passing score. The following two changes are a result:
      • Students classified as low risk by the prediction model but who do not meet the >50% CBSE threshold are “Students for Additional Testing”. They must retake the CBSE (or CBSSA) within 4 weeks of the initial CBSE.
      • Students classified as high risk who met the >50% initial CBSE score will be allowed to sit for step 1 when they are ready.

Motion to approve the above changes.


Motion was approved and seconded.

  1. Educational Affairs reorganization – Shelley Collins (1:37:38)

The dean reorganized medical education administration. Dr. Fantone is now Vice Dean of Education with oversite of the graduate programs, PA school, and all medical student education. Dr. Collins is now Sr. Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education and will oversee the offices of admissions, medical education, and student affairs. Dr. Collins looks forward to meeting with the various leaders and stakeholders in medical education to learn more and share ideas.

  1. Growth Mindset –

Follow up from last month’s meeting. Discussed incorporating the Growth Mindset as a thread. Have faculty of HSS and CLG get together to look at mapping out the objectives and if there is a need to make adjustments to either goals and learning objectives of HSS and/or CLG in order to accommodate the key concepts that the task force developed.

  1. Update – Joseph Fantone

Discussed the reorganization and how it will benefit the educational program in the College of Medicine.

  1. LCME update: self-directed learning – Heather Harrell

One area of concern related to the medical curriculum identified by the LCME was self-directed learning and they have a strict definition that includes  1)self-assessment of their own learning needs; 2) independent identification, analysis, and synthesis of relevant information; 3) independent and facilitator appraisal of the credibility of information sources; 4) assessment and feedback on their information-seeking skills. Converting the discovery tracks, which meet the LCME requirements, into a required activity was discussed but there were concerns about the effect on independent study time as the week is already very programmed. There was interest in exploring ways to use the CLG faculty for feedback without displacing too many other CLG activities. SDL falls within the HSS thread so Dr. G Harrell and Dr. Rajsekhar will work on a proposal with Dr. Smith to incorporate more self-assessment related to the systems courses and build that out as SDL.

  1. Upcoming Meetings
  • AAMC in November
  • Southern Group on Educational Affairs in Houston in April
  • Innovations in Medical Education – 100% virtual 
  1. Good News
  • Peggy Wallace received an award from the Children’s Tumor Foundation in recognition of her significant contributions to neurofibromatosis research.
  • Melanie Hagen collaborated with MD/PhD student Rebecca Henderson and others on a recent publication in Teaching and Learning in Medicine.