CC Minutes February 8, 2022


February 8, 2022 

7:30 to 9:00 a.m. via Zoom

Attendance: Heather Harrell (Chair), Ashleigh Wright, Bob Seifert, Carol Diachun, Elisa Sottile, James Davis, Maria Kelly, Meredith Thompson, Saleem Islam, Stacy Beal, Steve Munger, Beverly Dede, Carolyn Stalvey, Chris Giordano, Chris Robinson, Colleen Kalynych, Dani Brown, Frank Genuardi, Hannah Norton, James Lynch, Jeffrey Dela Cruz, Jennifer Hamilton, Jim Gorske, Joseph Fantone, Julia Close, Kathy Green, Lynn Meyer, Maureen Novak, Michelle Jacobs -Elliott, Olivier Barolette, Shelley Collins, Shireen Madani-Sims.

Recording: Sandi Reveille

Dr. Harrell called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. 

  1. A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded, and approved.
  2. Proposed Policy Revision 

Institutional Learning Outcomes – update of ILO under Systems-based Practice from “Apply” patient safety to “Identify” patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within healthcare systems. The rationale was that it was not realistic for every student to have the opportunity to apply a patient safety or QI initiative.

Motion to approve this change.

A motion was made to approve the change, seconded and approved.

  1. Policies

The Match – added following section on adequate academic progress and the NRMP Match to policies for unsatisfactory performance and/or unprofessional behavior.

“In the event that a student receives an adverse academic action, failure of Step 2 CK, or receives an unsatisfactory evaluation of a competency after submission of the MSPE, a revised version of the MSPE will be submitted reflecting the changes to the student’s academic progress.

Students not making adequate academic progress, based on successful completion of graduation requirements including passing the USMLE Step 2 CK examination, may not be sponsored by UF COM for the Match.”

A motion was made to approve the addition, seconded and approved.

  1. New Electives
    • AI Elective – Dr. Chris Giordano (along with Drs. Tighe and Madave)
      A two-week online elective that includes 4 video modules broken into 7-8 minute lessons to be ready for February 16. Drs. Giordano, Tighe and Madave explained the elective.
      Motion to approve this elective.
    • EACN Elective – Dr. Heather Harrell
      Created an Equal Access Clinic Network Longitudinal Community Service Elective modeled after the Mobile Outreach Clinic elective in order to recognize significant student involvement with EACN.
      Motion to approve this elective.

 A motion was made to approve these electives, seconded and approved.

  1. Clinical Skills task force – Dr. Ashleigh Wright

The Clinical Skills task force met and created four main pillars of clinical skills: 1) history taking and physical exam; 2) clinical decision making; 3) presentation of findings; and 4) communication skills. Dr. Wright elaborated on each of these pillars through her presentation. Next month the task force will present recommendations about the specific clinical skills that students must demonstrate prior to graduation.

  1. LCME Updates – Kathy Green/Dr. Joseph Fantone

Kathy Green – ISA is live thanks to James, Michelot, Jeff and Olivier. Collating the work of the 20 work groups addressing each one of the elements. Focusing on strengths and opportunities for improvement. Timely assistance appreciated in getting reports and information to the appropriate personnel. Kudos to the students for really stepping up to help move this along.

  1. Good News – Harrell
  • Phuong Huynh, PhD – accepted offer to be Director of Student Assessment and Program Evaluation, will begin on March 4, 2022.
  • Michael Bruce – accepted offer to be Associate Director of Academic Support Services. Will begin on February 11, 2022.
  • Keontris Fisher – will start on February 11, 2022 as the Academic Assistant supporting the 1st and 2nd year courses.
  • PRAPARE abstract accepted to the Society of Student Run Free Clinics conference – Olgert Bhardi, Kartik Motwani, Rebecca Oyetoro.
  • Not just little adults podcast presented by Elizabeth Acevedo, Sarah Masten, Charlette Williams, Lith Nasif, Sarah Marini, Mitsy Audate –×4
  • Article written by Del Carter to increase awareness of 988 phone service
  • Discovery Tracks: 117 signed up! (72%), thank you to Dr. Saleem Islam for coordinating.
  • Erich Zellmer (c/o 2022) was accepted to the NASA 4th year clerkship for April 2022.

Action Items:  Clinical Skills task force – table with proposed standardized language; proposals fit in the curriculum; discuss at Clerkship Director’s meeting.

Meeting ended at 8:30 a.m.