CC Meeting Minutes July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022
7:30 to 9:00 a.m. HMEB Room 128 and via Zoom

Attendance: Heather Harrell (Chair), Ashleigh Wright, Bob Seifert, Carol Diachun, Chris Robinson, Elisa Sottile, Mitsy Audate, Stacy Beal, Velyn Wu, Beverly Dede, Carrie Adams, Colleen Kalynych, Dani Brown, Hannah Norton, James Lynch, Joseph Fantone, Kathy Green, Kristy Smith, Lynne Meyer, Maureen Novak, Olivier Barolette, Phuong Huynh, Shelley Collins
Recording: Sandi Reveille

Dr. Harrell called the meeting to order at 7:32 a.m. 

  1. A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded, and approved.
  2. CLG Presentation – Kristy Smith 

Dr. Smith presented CLG 1&2 vs 3&4 goals. After discussion, the goals were updated to reflect the change from safe to brave and added the CLG 1&2 goal of providing longitudinal formative feedback on clinical skills and professional development.

A motion was made to approve the goals, seconded and approved. 

  1. Phase 1 Student Performance Subcommittee – Heather Harrell

Dr. Harrell presented a Phase 1 Student Performance Subcommittee to identify students who are academically struggling or performing marginally across phase 1 courses to intervene early and develop individual plans to help these students thrive academically. This will be a subcommittee of the Course Directors Committee.

A motion was made to approve this subcommittee, seconded and approved.

  1. Professional Identity Formation (PIF) Task Force – Jay Lynch

Dr. Lynch presented the 2nd part of the PIF Task Force’s work, specifically addressing the final 3 charges:

  • Recommend opportunities to integrate PIF into the curriculum.
  • Assess current state of the professionalism thread and make recommendations about content and learning activities.
  • Make recommendations about best practices for assessing professionalism.

There was a robust discussion and general agreement that establishing PIF as an educational framework with the domains of personal, physician-patient relationship, community, and institutions, would be a valuable addition to the curriculum as our current professionalism model focuses on identifying deficits.

The committee was asked to consider changes to the ILOs, defining and supporting centralized oversight to develop a timeline and proposal for developmentally appropriate additions to the curriculum. No vote was taken on these recommendations to allow more time to define specific resources needed for implementation.

The assessment recommendations included adding self-assessment, peer evaluations, clearly defining behaviorally based expectations with sensitivity to cultural differences, and significant CLG leader involvement. The committee agreed that as students identify career pathways additional mentors may be needed. Existing measures of PIF should be considered and the assessment will need to be longitudinal and thus lend itself to programmatic assessment. A next step will be phase 1 and phase 2 professionalism assessment task forces to more clearly define and clarify how professionalism will be assessed and tied to grades as this seemed to be a distinct need separate from PIF assessment.

  1. CPESA Report – Phuong Huynh/Kathy Green

Dr. Huynh and Ms. Green presented the objectives for Courses and Clerkships and how they should be mapped to the ILO’s.

  1. LCME Updates- Fantone

A draft of the self-study report has been given to the dean for feedback. Students did a great job with the Independent Student Analysis. Once he receives feedback from the dean he will share the results of the ISA study. Updates to the DCI information on a regular basis and another set of data to be added based on the closure of FY22 academic year. More information will be shared as the report is finalized over the next several months. Narrative, summative, formative feedback are LCME requirements.

 Action Items:

Open call to Faculty late summer/early fall to bring in new members. Follow-up discussion of the CPESA report; follow-up discussion from ISA Report presentation.


Meeting ended at 9:10 a.m.