CC Meeting Minutes August 9, 2022

August 9, 2022
7:30 to 9:00 a.m. HMEB Room 128 and via Zoom

Attendance: Heather Harrell (Chair), Ashleigh Wright, Bob Seifert, Carol Diachun, Chris Robinson, Elisa Sottile, Maria Kelly, Mitsy Audate, Steve Munger, Velyn Wu, Beverly Dede, Carolyn Stalvey, Chris Girodano, Colleen Kalynych, Dani Brown, James Lynch, Jeffrey Dela Cruz, Jennifer Hamilton, Jim Gorske, Joseph Fantone, Julia Close, Kathy Green, Lynne Meyer, Maureen Novak, Michelle Jacobs-Elliott, Olivier Barolette, Phuong HuynhRecording: Sandi Reveille

Dr. Harrell called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. 

  1. A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded, and approved. 
  1. CSE Report – Carolyn Stalvey
    Dr. Stalvey who is in charge of our clinical skills exams for our medical students provided an update to the Curriculum Committee. Dr. Stalvey focused on the end of third year exam – CSE 3C. The USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam disappeared when COVID hit so a change was made to requiring the CSE 3C exam to be required for graduation in place of the USMLE exam. The CSE 3C exam had been modeled after Step 2 so it was a good substitute. Dr. Stalvey continued with a comparison of scores for Class years 2019 , 2021, 2022. 
  1. Vulnerable Population Task Force – Martina Murphy and Ross Jones
    Dr. Murphy was tasked with creating a committee along with Dr. Jones to 1) develop measurable learning outcomes related to the historical and current medical experiences and care of vulnerable population groups (racial/cultural minorities, people with disabilities, undocumented immigrants and those with communication barriers) that are foundational for all medical students; 2) map these Los to the current curriculum to identify gaps and opportunities to expand; 3) suggest whether any specific groups need to be looked at in more depth for curriculum development as was done for LGBTQ+ for example.
    Drs. Murphy and Jones presented their findings and arrived at the following recommendations: Suggest modification of the current HSS Los to include key components from structural competency framework; Integration of HSS and its associated Los should be part of the larger curricular reform; consider formation of Structural Competency Task Force.

Recommend going back to the Health Systems Science committee about relooking at their objectives under the lens of structural competency, make minor adjustments and then report back for a vote.

  1. Assessment Changes to ICM – Martina Murphy (51:05)
    Dr. Murphy proposed a change to ICM1A assessment.
    Formative Assessment: FROM weekly open-book multiple choice quizzes on lecture content TO weekly open-book multiple choice quizzes on lecture content (anatomy, radiology, medical ethics only); FROM Learning Assessment Center activities with PETAs and SPs TO Learning Assessment Center activities with PETAs and SPs, Hands-on physical exam “labs” in the learning studio with faculty.
    Summative Assessment: FROM Anatomy practical exams TO Anatomy & radiology practice exams; FROM written MCQ exam on all other lecture content (including radiology) TO ICM clinical skills practicals.
    Ask of the committee to 1) approve change to ICM1A summative assessment to eliminate written exam in favor of ICM clinical skills practical (which would test clinical skills in a manner that more closely mirrors clinical practice); 2) all exams to be cumulative in nature (ie final grade is based on performance of both exams), would incorporate performing a simple physical exam, demonstration of empathetic communication skills, and gather medical history.

A motion was made to approve this change, seconded and approved.

  1. Introduction to Obstetric US elective – Heather Harrell
    Dr. Harrell presented a proposal to approve a 2-week elective to 4th year medical students interested in pursuing a career in Ob/Gyn aimed at ensuring that they have the basic sonographic skills.

A motion was made to approve this elective, seconded and approved.


  1. Updates to Student Handbook – Heather Harrell
    Updates to titles throughout the handbook. Provided a summary of where the name changes appeared.

A motion was made to approve these changes, seconded and approved.

  1. Program Director Survey: Resident Readiness for Class of 2021 – Phuong Huynh
    Dr. Huynh presented the results from the Program Director Surveys (AAMC refers to as the Resident Readiness Survey Report). Provided a comparison of the Class of 2020 and 2021 in the following categories: Overview of Notable Outcomes (ie during the transition to GME (0-6 months of PGY-1 year), did this resident meet overall performance expectations?); Professionalism; Physical and History; Diagnosis; Delivery of Care; Communication.


  1. LCME Updates- Fantone
    Dr. Fantone provided an update of where we are with the LCME Self-study report. Presented summary of results from the 2015 visit addressing three institutional strengths and two standards in compliance and two standards in non-compliance. Supplied LCME with four status reports (2016-18 and 2020) in response to areas for monitoring. Discussed the strengths of the self-study results. Listed challenges and strategies to address.

Mock site visit set for October 16th to 19th (Curriculum Committee member representations is October 17th 8:30am – 11:30am)

LCME Site Visit is January 22nd to 25th (Curriculum Committee member representations is January 23rd 8:30am – 11:30am)

  1. Replace Committee members – Heather Harrell
    With Dr. Elisa Sottile being named the Assistant Dean of Medical Education Jacksonville, she becomes an ex-officio of the Curriculum Committee. It was proposed that Dr. Reetu Grewal replace Dr. Sottile as a voting member of the Curriculum Committee.

A motion was made to approve this change, seconded and approved.

We will also need to replace Dr. Ashwin Akki, faculty voting member, because he has left UF. Due to the quick turnaround of Dr. Akki departing, Drs. Fantone and Harrell discussed just replacing him with another faculty member they have in mind. If this person agrees, an electronic vote will be sent out so they can join us at next month’s meeting. If this person does not agree to be a part of the committee, an open call to faculty will be sent out.

 Action Items:
Open call to Faculty late summer/early fall to bring in new members. Vulnerable Population Task Force recommendations.

Meeting ended at 9:08 a.m.