Robert L. Jewell


Works 8am-5pm (Monday-Friday)

Robert provides A/V support for the entire Harrell Medical Education Building, his office is in Room 157, located close to the office for Charles Poulton.   Mr. Jewell oversees the lectures concerning the Medical and PA Students by creating the recording schedules, monitoring the recordings, and moving the recordings to online folders which allows the students access.   Mr. Jewell manages the and updates the websites, along with organizing the folders for each Class and keeping everything running smooth.  In addition to maintaining the servers for Recording utilization. He works closely with the Staff and Faculty to make sure they know and understand the technology of the Harrell Medical Education Building, highlighting giant classrooms like the Learning Studios and Rooms 240 / 250.

Mr. Jewell started his career working at the University of Florida in 2007 as part of the Academic Technology department.  This is where he spent 3 years at Turlington Hall working under the C.I.T.T. division and overseeing the Closed Captioning department along with providing A/V assistance for faculty using the technology provided in the CITT facility. He also recorded Faculty utilizing CITT MediaSite Studio to provide recordings for Online Courses. Mr. Jewell moved down the hill to the College of Medicine in 2010 to continue using MediaSite for recording all the 1st Year and 2nd Year Medical Student’s and PA Student’s lectures.   In addition to recording all the lectures, he worked 4 1/2 years in the ALAC (Anaclerio Learning and Assessment Center) department (currently located on the 3rd Floor of the building) in regards to Simulation Testing using Standardized Patients and continues to provide support and help if any need arises.  

In addition to his duties, he is also the Assistant Facility Manager helping Chad Roth (Facility Manager) when he is out of the office or on vacation. Robert has a strong background in Windows computers (25 years), with some knowledge of MACs and has worked on Linux Operating Systems and various software with each O.S.   Excels in providing Customer Service support in all areas of his position and is there to help if he can.     It is common to find him still in the building in the evening time due to the fact that he car pools with his wife from Ocala. When off the clock, he passes the evening hours, playing Skyrim or catching up on some Apple or Disney Youtube Videos. Every so often, there is an evening event needing A/V and Building support which he will help with pending his weekly schedule.

Hobbies includes spending time with his Wife and family, listening to books on Audible, playing Skyrim on a PC, or Switch, or XBOX Series X, also a dog lover, and being a believer. New iPhone user, received his 1st smart phone on 1-1-2020.

Assistant Facility Manager
Harrell Medical Education Bldg Room # 157
Located between Admissions Office and Elevators
Ph: (352) 294-5560 , Cell: (352) 620-5772 (text only)

Robert L Jewell

Robert L Jewell

Media Specialist / Asst. Facility Mgr
Phone: (352) 294-5560