Request for Scholarship Funding – Travel
**Active members may apply every other year.

The Society of Teaching Scholars is happy to offer members opportunities to apply for funds (up to $2,500) to assist with travel to conferences. The sub-committee will review your request and vote, majority rules. The following form will ask you to:

  • Provide a short (150 words or less) narrative justification for the funds, describing the conference, your role and where relevant, how participation enhances the educational mission of the University of Florida
  • Provide a simple budget justification-such as expected airfare, hotel and registration

To help prioritize funding awards, the following criteria will be utilized:

Highest Priority: STS member presenting at a conference:

1. Member is presenting an education-oriented oral presentation: platform, workshop, oral poster presentation, etc.
2. Member has an education-oriented poster presentation

STS member conference attendance to enhance the educational mission of the University of Florida. STS member:

1. Is serving on a formal committee or serving in a formal capacity at the conference
2. Is receiving an educational award or recognition
3. Attending for professional development

STS Member is supporting/sponsoring a resident or fellow (to take their place) for an oral presentation: platform, workshop, oral presentation or poster presentation.

Funds must be utilized by May of each fiscal year.

*Please consider utilizing department, IDC or other available funds first for conference travel. You can apply for supplemental funding to other resources you have.

Scoring Rubric: Scale of 1-3 (3 highest) then A = 3, B = 2, C = 1. Highest score possible a 6. Committee Review narratives for final award(s).