Specific Teaching Skills – Other: Principles of Learning



Description:    This presentation explores the historical and philosophical roots of our notions of professionalism and humanism.  The aim is to remind the audience of the larger issues at stake in our professional obligations and reinforce humanistic commitments.  It includes reflections from medical students about their experiences.  The target audience ranges from undergraduate medical students to residents, fellows and practicing physicians.

Format:  This is a 30-40 minute didactic presentation which can be modified as needed for a specific audience.

Contact:          Jay Lynch
                        Professor and Section Chief VAMC
                        Division of Hematology/Oncology



Description:  Learning climate is the tone or atmosphere of the teaching session, and an effective learning climate is necessary for optimal learning to occur.  This interactive session reviews characteristics of and approaches to establishing an effective learning climate.

Format:  Can be presented in 1 hour or less

Contact:          Elisa Zenni, M.D.
                        Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs, Jacksonville
                        Professor of Pediatrics
                        (904) 244-3149